FakeDrivingSchool – Horny Lindsey Cruz learners squirting orgasms


Horny Lindsey Cruz learners squirting orgasms

Look, I can’t lie and say I wasn’t attracted to Lindsey Cruz. A good looking blonde American student, she caught my eye, but I’m a professional with a job to do, so I obviously wasn’t hitting on her. Even though I was keeping it pro, it was still weird when Lindsey’s boyfriend Parker got into the backseat. What a piece of work this guy was! Just because he had taken an advanced driving course, he kept interrupting. You’ve heard of a backseat driver? This guy was trying to be a backseat instructor! Eventually, I got fed up and cancelled the lesson. I brought them back to the testing center to reschedule, and got out of the car. When I came back, Lindsey and Parker were naked, and while she did have a great pair of tits and a big ass, I did not appreciate the messy state they left the Mean Orange Machine in.