FakehubOriginals – Knockouts Astrid Vs Tempest


Knockouts Astrid Vs Tempest Sophie Anderson, Skylar Mckay

As alliances continue to be formed in the Knockouts Universe, Viking Warrior Astrid (Sophie Anderson) realizes she needs to find someone to watch her back if she hopes to win the title. Astrid approaches the Pirate Maiden Tempest (Skylar McKay), her opponent for the evening, in hopes of forging a pact, but Tempest wants none of it! The ladies tussle and are only interrupted when Dick Bush gets a hand on both their tits to seperate them! After being defeated in the ring by Astrid, Tempest tries to seduce the ref to her side with her huge tits and tight pussy, but after he blows his load, the referee tells Tempest he must remain impartial. Covered in spunk, Tempest finds Astrid to tell her maybe an alliance is the best strategy for both of them.