FILF – Stepsister Kali Roses Blackmailed


Stepsister Kali Roses Blackmailed

Featuring Tony and the amazing Kali Roses; Kali Roses is an angel to her parents. A studious girl whose future is brighter than a thousand suns. Kali is also a soon-to-be school dropout. Her grades are falling off uncontrollably. The reason is, she’s been skipping classes to go hang out with her friends and let’s be honest; she’s probably not doing it to volunteer at a shelter. She skipped school on a Monday so she could grab her report card right off the mailman’s hand so she can hide it from her mom and stepdad. Perfect plan, right? Except it’s not. Her stepbrother got his hands on it before she could even check if it was in the mailbox. Now she really is in trouble. Her stepbrother is the kind of guy who would tell their parents just for shits and giggles and he’s not going to let her have her report card for free. He takes a good look at her and knows exactly what he wants. Her petite body is to die for. Her thick thighs might save her own life this time. He asks for a blowjob and after a little back and forth argument, Stepsister Kali Roses Blackmailed squeamishly agrees. Stepsis is now on her knees, begging with a mouthful of cock. The fun is abruptly ended when they hear someone entering the house. Big bro isn’t done yet, he didn’t get to cum and has blue balls. Taking the blackmail to a new level, he goes to his stepsister’s room who’s laying on the bed in her underwear and tells her that he wants to fuck, or he’ll tell on her. No choice but to agree, cute little stepsister undoes his belt and starts blowing and gagging on Tony’s fat chode while their parents are downstairs. They could get caught at any time but it doesn’t stop him from getting what he wants; his stepsister’s pussy sliding down his rock hard dick.